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Three Things to Do as a Release During or After an Incredibly Long Work Week

Depending on who you ask, a good majority of folks today would tell you they do not love their jobs; it’s very rare and unique if someone loves what they do for work. Add on top of your current job, some extra stressful things throughout the week, and you’ve got yourself a dark situation. Don’t get too down however, There are several outlets you can use to alleviate some of the pressure and recenter your focus on finishing your... [Continue Reading]

Importance of Reputable Stock Broker - XTrade Europe Case

Online investing is not some kind of a cozy place where you can enjoy in fruits of your labor in a long run. The truth is quite different. It is more like a thrilling experience, simply because you do not know what will come next. If you think that only newbies have such problems, you are wrong. Even the most experienced XTrade Europe investors have big troubles to resolve all complications on their path. This is the reason why we need professional... [Continue Reading]

The Many Skills of Starting and Running a Business

According to, Australia has more start-up small businesses than any developed country in the world. The Australian Government recognizes the importance of start-ups and entrepreneurs in helping to fuel investment and jobs in this country. That’s why in its 2015 Budget, the Government is encouraging start-ups and entrepreneurship by promising a package to help Australians start up small businesses and to help energize... [Continue Reading]

What Is Online CFD Trading?

If you have any experience in trading financial instruments you may find online CFD trading very interesting and a new option to trade on financial markets. With traditional trading methods like stocks, indices, commodities, Forex and others, the hassles of owning the assets and transferring costs were significant. But in CFD trading you do not need to own any of the assets and you just make profits due to changes in the prices of the underlying... [Continue Reading]

Filling Your Company’s Accountancy Needs

Most entrepreneurs have a do-it-yourself approach in handling their business. As long as they can give adequate attention to it and they have the necessary competencies to get it done, they want to make sure that they have full control of just about every detail in their company. However, there are times when getting professional help is the best way to go. One such aspect that’s best left to the professionals is accounting. There are distinct... [Continue Reading]

Accounting: Getting The Most Out Of Your Tax Return

It is the end of the financial year and everybody has the the same thing on their minds-- tax time. Everyone starts preparing their emails and receipts for donations and other evidences that can help increase their chances of a higher deduction to their taxable income. Here are a few reminders that you can use in getting the most out of your tax return.   Donations are tax deductible   At this time of the year, everybody searches for... [Continue Reading]

How to find the best money market rates

If you’re the kind of investor who is looking for a more conservative, less risky investment without compromising the chance to make money, you’ll need to find the best money market rates possible. If you aren’t experienced, it can be a challenge to sift through the seemingly endless array of choices to find a money market fund that will work for you, both to keep your investment protected and to still offer a decent (if not better)... [Continue Reading]

Four Money Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Financial stability can be one of the most difficult aspects to owning a business, especially if the business is in the beginning stages. While many businesses have difficulty yielding a profit, a great way to start your business off on the right foot is to be financially minded from the very beginning. Getting started properly can help you keep your business’s finances and records under control, which is a crucial aspect to business success.... [Continue Reading]

Benefits Of Hiring An Accountant For Your Business

Many businesses make the mistake of not hiring an accountant to deal with their finances and accounting needs. This tends to be because having an accountant is seen as being a luxury, something that only larger businesses should have. However, that isn’t the case. Accountants can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. From giant corporations to one man business startups, accountants are incredibly useful. There are so many benefits of hiring... [Continue Reading]

Maximise Your Profit Margin Today!

Owning a business is all about taking risks. But you need to make sure you are making the right decisions. Taking the right gambles. How do you do this? You may need some expertise. Are you looking to increase your profits so you can expand your business? Then there are some steps you can take. They can be separated into two categories: cutting costs and maximising profit. As any good businessman knows reducing your spending is the easy way to increase... [Continue Reading]

Amazing Ways Your Business Can Benefit Financially

When you run a business, there is a lot that you need to consider. You’ll be faced with more responsibility than ever before. But you’re also going to face a lot of financial stress. As a business owner you’ll be required to pay for everything yourself, so you need to think up ways to cut costs. It can be very expensive trying to run a successful company. Make sure you take these ideas on board, they will help you benefit... [Continue Reading]

Keeping Your Company Costs Low This Year

Source The economy can be a tough master, particularly for a small business or a startup company. You need to be savvy and know how to save money. You should offer business packages that are enticing for an employee.  However, they should also be affordable enough that you can provide them. There are ways to save money without cutting starting to cut corners and reducing your work quality or your profit potential. Here is how you can begin... [Continue Reading]

Accounting & Tax News

Accounting Society, Beta Alpha Psi to host annual Chili Cook-Off
Accounting Society members will host the 51st annual Chili Cook-Off from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 29, outside the Business Building on Oak Street between 3rd and 4th streets. The society is partnering with Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting, finance and ...

Accounting Headaches Continue at Santander Consumer
Accounting Headaches Continue at Santander Consumer. by Kristin Broughton. OCT 27, 2016 6:57pm ET. Santander Consumer USA Holdings in Dallas will make a cash payment of about $115 million to its former chief executive, due to an error with its ...

Jerry Osteryoung: Outsourcing your accounting might make sense
When talking about accounting help for most small firms, we mean bookkeepers, and it can be more difficult than most realize to hire good help. When considering an applicant, you must verify their character – especially as it pertains to honesty – and ...

Warren Targets KPMG, Accounting Law in Wake of Wells Fargo Scandal
... executives at the bank. The senators also asked whether Wells Fargo employees misled KPMG employees at any point about unauthorized accounts being created and whether the accounting firm conducted any re-assessment of its audits. Prev 1 of 4 Next ...

Hollywood Accounting Back In Court: How Has Spinal Tap Only Earned $81 In Merchandise Sales For Its Creators?
We've discussed the amazing bullshit known as Hollywood Accounting many times here on Techdirt. This is the trick whereby big Hollywood studios basically get out of paying anyone royalties by claiming movies (including big, mega-famous ones) are not ...

BT takes £145m hit due to accounting 'errors' at Italian division
The company, which said the non-cash charge would not affect full-year figures, appointed external advisers to assist with a full investigation into BT Italia. BT said its initial internal inquiry found “certain historical accounting errors” and it had ...

Bozrah Utilities wants full accounting from CMEEC
Mario Guitierrez rides Nyquist past Gun Runner during the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 7, 2016, in Louisville, Ky. The Bozrah Utilities Commission is seeking full accounting from the Connecticut ...

Apple Profits Benefit From 2015 Accounting Change
Apple Inc. is still the most profitable company in the land. An accounting change a year ago helped. Profits, though down from 2015, were actually bolstered by a decrease in deferred revenue compared to a year ago. That's because the decrease in ...

'Firm of the Future': How cloud, mobile and automation are revolutionizing accounting | #QBConnect
A common perception of accountants and accounting professionals is that they are notoriously reluctant to change. Some of them may believe that they are not subject to the relentless advance of technology, because accounting practices as a whole have ...

The Accounting Sector in South Africa 2016
NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The South African Accounting Sector: This report focuses on the South African accounting, auditing, bookkeeping and tax advisory sector which was valued at R28bn in 2015. According to the South African Institute ...

Should the Accounting Profession Be Renamed?
A bit of history: the idea of accountants, or even credentialed ones such as CPAs change their title to better reflect what they do and showcase value to potential clients can go back to when the term “Cognetor” was first bandied about. That didn't ...

Boomer's Blueprint
With the advent of cloud-based applications and new vendors coming into the accounting market, it appears their existing technology limits the majority of firms. Most of the core applications in the accounting profession were written in the client ...

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