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Reasons Why Working in Qatar is Your Best Career Move

Are you an expat looking for better job opportunities in other countries? Or are you a local worker hoping to land a better-paying job abroad? Various countries in the Middle East like Qatar, have opened their doors to foreign workers to help drive their booming economies. Among the in-demand jobs in Qatar are some of the industries like construction, oil and gas, healthcare, tourism, education, sales, and media.

Qatar is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. A World Bank report forecasts a 2.8% growth in the country’s economy in 2018, and will continue to grow due to its hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The country offers government-mandated benefits to foreign workers. Among these benefits are free accommodations, basic salary, transportation allowances, annual round-trip tickets to their home country, as well as sick, holiday and pilgrimage leaves.

Perks and Benefits of Working in Qatar

Dubbed the land of riches, Qatar proves to be one of the best destinations for foreign workers around the world. The country posts the highest per capita income among countries, so you will surely enjoy an exotic and lavish professional life in the state. Here are other good reasons to work in the country.

  • Tax-free salary– Qatar is one of the Gulf Co-operation Council states offering tax-free wages to foreign workers. The other countries include Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, and Oman.
  • Hospitable culture– Qatar is one of the most relaxed countries in the Middle East in terms of the implementation of Islamic laws. The state allows alcoholic drinks for non-Muslims of legal age and respects all religious sects. There are also no dress codes in the country, but all people should dress modestly in public spaces.
  • Comfortable and economical lifestyle– You can expect to live a pleasant and lavish lifestyle in Qatar. The costs of things like accommodation, food, transportation, and tourist attractions are very affordable.
  • Safety and security– The Qatari government works hard to provide a secure and safe environment for all its citizens and foreign workers. You can have peace of mind if you plan to relocate your family with you.

Top Jobs in Qatar for Foreign Workers

For people planning to apply for jobs in qatar, here are some of the most in-demand positions in the country.

  1. Corporate sales executive– Some of the sales executive positions in Qatar are open in the hospitality and information technology (IT) industries. Required qualifications include at least two years of related experience.
  2. Engineers– There are lots of engineering jobs open in the country, particularly in the construction industry. Among them are design engineers, civil engineers, architectural engineers, and electrical engineers.
  3. English academic Instructors/teachers– Applicants for this position should have at least three years of teaching experience. Preferred qualifications include a Master’s Degree in TESL/TESOL, second language teaching/education, or applied linguistics.
  4. Projects Coordinator and managers– You should have at least two years’ experience in similar roles to apply. Other requirements include solid written and oral English language fluency, and excellent computer skills, among others.
  5. Make-up artists– You should be proficient in speaking the English language and should be at least a high school graduate to apply for the position.

Whether you are a professional or non-skilled worker, there are plenty of job openings available in Qatar for you. The country is a famous destination for expats so you can expect favorable working conditions if you choose to work in the country.

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