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How to Land Your Dream IT Job in Texas

So, you've finally decided to flex your tech muscles and work in Texas? Texas is home to many flourishing Information Technology companies such as Dell and Compaq. Tech giants such as Google and Apple have set up their respective offices as well.

In the past few years, the tech scene in Texas is continuously growing. The lower cost of living and doing business makes it more attractive to many tech companies. More start-ups and big companies are already setting an office in this state. Its relatively smaller size than California makes it easier for employees to move around and explore.

IT Jobs in Texas are abundant, and there are more job offers than candidates, which gives you a higher chance of landing your dream tech job.

Silicon Valley is the usual destination of tech job seekers, but IT Jobs in Texas fare equally or sometimes better than their California counterparts. For one, IT Jobs in Texas have high compensation. Because of the state's pro-economic policies, big businesses can afford to pay their employees more. The low cost of living and business expenses allows companies and employees to enjoy their income and benefits.

Now that you are ready to join the Texas tech workforce, here are some tips to help you score that dream job:

  1. It is common knowledge that your CV must be clear and concise, but many applicants send out their resumes without a cover letter. The hiring manager must already know, at a glance, the technological skills that you offer just by reading your cover letter. Make it stand out from the thousands of applicants by stating what value you can bring to the company.
  2. Have a robust online presence. Who would want to hire an IT person who is not familiar with online tools such as LinkedIn and Github? You must show that you are tech-savvy by updating your profiles regularly.
  3. Research the organization. Arm yourself with information about their mission, values, and company culture. Make sure that it aligns with your core beliefs and talents.
  4. Don't be discouraged if you do not have an IT Background. Many tech companies offer non-technical roles in sales, accounting, finance, education, and research. If you think you have more experience and can fare better in these roles, then highlight them in your application. Not everyone has to be that "IT guy."
  5. Give smaller companies and start-ups a chance. Remember that the behemoths in technology started small. Do not pressure yourself to get in these big companies. Also, send applications to lesser-known ones. They can also provide a valuable experience that only a start-up can offer.
  6. Find someone who can vouch for you. Referrals are a goldmine in your application process. If presented with two equally qualified employees, hiring managers will hire the one who is not a stranger.
  7. Be yourself. If you feel that you do not belong to the formal corporate environment, then don't fret. The tech job culture embraces individuality and non-conformity. Skill always trumps image.

Great opportunities in IT await you in Texas. All you need to do is to take these tips by heart and start sending out those applications today.

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