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Personality Tests for Employment: What You Need to Know

Pre-employment assessments are commonly used in the recruiting and hiring process for many companies and corporations. Berke is a company that specializes in pre-employment assessments that measure problem solving and personality traits that are specific to the needs of your business. Berke is able to send a report regarding the assessment results immediately after a candidate finishes their assessment. The report that Berke provides is simple to understand and provides direct functional guidelines that allow your business to make the best overall decision when hiring candidates. 

Berke provides several different measures to assess the qualities your business is looking for in a potential candidate for hire. Specifically, they measure seven traits related to personality that help to understand how people interact and relate to other individuals in the world. These measures include:

  • Adaptability - This is described as the ability to naturally adapt to others' feelings in order to avoid negative situations. Adaptable individuals are known to excel in listening, being diplomatic, being empathetic, and having a good sense of how to be a team player.
  • Assertiveness - this is described as the tendency to naturally take initiative to enable control in order to influence situations. Assertive individuals are known to be self-starters, have high energy, are ambitious, and are great leaders.
  • Intensity - This is described as the tendency to naturally react to situations in an immediate and intense fashion, especially in frustrating situations. Individuals who are intense are known to be very passionate, resilient, tenacious, and have a high sense of urgency in situations.
  • Optimism - this is described as the tendency to naturally think in a positive manner about future situations, regardless of the current situation. People who are optimistic often are cheerful, friendly, upbeat, and have an overall positive attitude and outlook on life.
  • Responsiveness - this refers to the tendency to naturally react in a spontaneous manner and express feelings externally. Responsive individuals often are enthusiastic, have high motivation, are expressive, and operate in a fast-paced manner
  • Sociability - this refers to the tendency to naturally seek out interaction with new individuals in a consistent and active fashion. People who rank high in sociability are good communicators, are able to build consensus easily, and are very people-oriented.
  • Structure - this refers to the tendency to naturally aspire correctness, order, certainty, and precision. People who rank high in the area of the structure are often punctual, detail-oriented, reliable, and safety-oriented.

Berke also provides an assessment that gauges potential hire's traits related to problem-solving. This includes the examination of an individual's ability and tasks that are the easiest for them to perform. Berke's problem-solving measures are indicators of a candidate's cognitive (i.e., intellectual) ability. These measures include:

  • Logical Problem Solving - this category measures the ability to think through complex issues and problems in a linear fashion. Individuals who rank highly in this category are often pragmatic, organized, and critical thinkers.
  • Rapid Problem Solving - this category seeks to measure an individual's ability to deal with complex issues, such as money and finance, quickly that involve many problems. Individuals who rank highly in this category are often able to work well in crisis situations, are able to make decisions quickly, are intuitive, and are able to easily multi-task.
  • Vocabulary - this category measures an individual's ability to learn new concepts and ideas. Individuals who rank highly in this category are often resourceful, have high natural curiosity, and are able to learn new ideas quickly
  • Spatial Visualization - this category seeks to measure an individual's ability to manipulate, visualize, and think about objects and ideas in three dimensions. Individuals who score highly in this category are often highly skilled in technology, think in a systematic fashion, and are able to navigate computer systems easily.

Another assessment Berke offers is a measure of a candidate's typing skills, including an examination of their typing speed and typing accuracy. Berke also offers a measure of candidate integrity, or the evaluation of a candidate's attitudes and opinions regarding theft, attendance, and honesty.

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