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Is the taxi business for you?

Are you sick of calling up your local taxi firm on a drizzly Saturday night, only to have the line ring constantly engaged? Do you dread getting into the car with a man who persists in chewing your ear off and then charges you for the pleasure of hearing his worldly insights? Maybe following these mishaps, you had a light bulb moment and uncovered a big fat gap in the market.

Things to consider

Do plenty of research to begin with. What exactly are the pressing problems? Is the local firm unreliable yet charging extortionate prices? If you have noticed this, it is likely others have too. Consider how you could deliver a service which would overcome these issues.

Starting up can be daunting. If you are a ‘Private Hire’ firm there has got to be enough work for each of your drivers on a week to week basis, otherwise there is no incentive for them to work for you. What other benefits do you offer which other companies don’t?

Think about how you will obtain a license as things differ inside and outside London. Speak to your local authority for information.

Take into account some of the driving habits that people find annoying, such as stop-starting on the accelerator. Keep your car clean and smelling lovely – you want people to remember the experience in a positive light.

What is your unique selling point?

Are you pitching yourself a little above the average price-bracket? If so, what makes your service stand out?

You could get start a fleet of green taxis, running hybrid electric cars and vehicles with lower emissions. Don’t underestimate the power of providing a service which is kinder to the environment.

Are you a ladies only taxi firm? Some women do not like getting into cabs with male drivers, especially at night time. So this could be ideal as an angle to pitch your business

Safety first

It is your responsibility to keep your passengers safe. Your drivers will be on the road a lot of the time, wear and tear of vehicles is inevitable. It is essential that the upkeep of the car is paramount and that you find suitable insurance. Insure Taxi is tailored to requirements and ensures you find the best deal.

If you don’t want to take the risk of starting your own business but think that you could fancy driving for a local company, check with your local firms and see the best way to go about things.

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