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How to Save Your Money the Smart Way

Do you ever find yourself in a position where you try very hard to save money but don’t? You have good intentions and do your best to spend less but something unexpected constantly comes up, issues in life cause limitations - the car suddenly needs new globes, your daughter needs a new school uniform, the house needs a new geyser - and before you know it saving your money goes out the window.

The reality is, having everything lined up well before you begin saving is not the way to approach this challenge. If you’re always waiting for the correct time to come about, it's never going to happen. Saving right now is always the best time to start your saving journey. Hiring Vetted Accountants is even a better option to help you fast track your financial goals.

In this article, we share a few tips you can use to save your money the smart way.

Say your final goodbye to any form of debt

Debt payments you make every month are the biggest money drainers if you're trying to save, this is because debt comes like robber to steals your income. So getting rid of debt must be your top priority. The quickest way to pay debt off is to use the debt snowball technique.

In this method, you start paying your debts off starting from the smallest amount to the biggest amount. It may sound intense, but don’t worry because it’s more of a behavior change rather than numbers. As soon as your income receives some “freedom” you’ll be able to achieve your saving objectives. 

Delete memberships and subscriptions that are automatic

In this day and age, you’re probably paying for various subscriptions like Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, and gym memberships. If you want to achieve your savings goals you need to delete all subscriptions you don’t use often.

Ensure you switch off auto-renew whenever you buy anything on contract so that when you cancel the agreement you can choose to subscribe again if you want based on whether or not the contractual purchase fits into your upgraded budget.

Purchase generic products

Not buying branded goods is by far the easiest way to save money. In reality, marketing is the only reason why branded goods are better in most cases. You only have to observe the fancy logo and the package it comes in and that’s about it. Cleaning supplies, basic food items (bread, beans & rice), and generic brands in medicine provide products at affordable prices which is far less compared to marked-up brands, which work pretty much the same way too. 

Dont use cable 

Cable prices are rising exponentially. On average the price you pay every month for a cable TV is around $217 including all the additional fees which amount to more than $2600 annually. 

The good news is, the cable is not the only method you can use to view your most loved shows today.

All you have to do is cut ties with cable and search for new ways to save big with alternative ways to view your favorite shows using other streaming services and network applications.


You’ll only be able to begin a successful money-saving journey when you adopt healthy money habits and when you allow your future needs to be more significant than your current desires. Once you make saving your number one priority, living from paycheck to paycheck will be history for you. So take these tips to heart, that way you will live to tell a delightful story of where your money has taken you. 

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