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How to Find the Most Advanced Forensic Accountant for Divorce in Los Angeles

If you have been to Los Angeles, you will understand that it is really "The City of Angels." It is a city in Southern California and is popularly known as the United States television and film industry hub. 

There are many studios like Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, etc., near its iconic and world-famous HOLLYWOOD sign. It is also the home of great nightlife. But amidst all these, it is also known for its high divorce rate. Is this due to the kind of lifestyle in the city? Nobody can say for sure. 

Well, for whatever reason, some people are definitely in search of a good, advanced forensic accountant divorce Los Angeles-based CPA, as they increase their chances of winning. Even though divorce is not the best thing that can happen to anyone, no divorced individual will want to lose everything to their partner, all in the name of divorce.

So, what does the individual do next? Hire expert forensic accountants to get their divorce done as smoothly as possible. But before we continue, let's take a sneak peek into what forensic accounting is all about.

What is Forensic Accounting?

This is a term used to describe the utilization of investigative, auditing, and accounting skills to conduct examinations and research into the financial life of a business or an individual. It provides an analysis of accounting that can be used in a court of law. 

Those who carry out this are known as forensic accountants, and they are usually trained to always look in-between the lines beyond confusing and convincing numbers. They can deal with the reality of any situation from the business point of view. 

Forensic accounting is usually associated with embezzlement and fraud-related cases to expose any financial discrepancies and crimes during legal proceedings.

These professionals can trace funds, make asset identification and recovery, and do so with diligence and precision. They are also instrumental in the insurance industry to confirm or dismiss claims for any form of financial damages. You can find more here on the role of forensic accountants. 

Understanding the Roles of Forensic Accountants

After interpreting, analyzing, and summarizing business and financial matters, they can provide convincing evidence to support their findings in presentation or report forms. They are primarily used in litigation as expert witnesses, and their services are also employed when a financial crime needs to be uncovered.

Looking for a forensic accountant for your Los Angeles divorce is almost the same as looking for a divorce lawyer. Most of the time, the affected party is at a loss as to where they are supposed to start and what exactly it is they are looking for. They might want to start asking friends, family, and colleagues. 

Others may turn to the internet for answers to these questions. Finding the most advanced of these professionals is not easy, especially in a city like Los Angeles. This link has more on dealing with divorce the right way. 

In this article, you will have an idea of what to look out for when you search for the best in this field, so if you stumbled upon this article by chance, then you are in luck.

Forensic accountants are used in many cases, including divorce cases. Of course, a divorce can be seen as the legal splitting of two parties in a marriage. So what are the uses of these types of professionals in divorce cases?

  • They help to analyze the income of both parties. It is sometimes called the controllable flow of cash, mainly for spousal or child support purposes.
  • They help in the valuation of businesses.
  • They can trace separate monies from different sources.
  • They are also helpful in calculating any claims of damages or reimbursement during the divorce.

There may be other uses of these experts, but those mentioned above are the most common.

While going through divorce cases, partners may decide to work with private experts or court-appointed ones, but working with your divorce attorney to hire a personal expert has some advantages.

  • You can hide the identity of the expert until you are ready to make it public.
  • You can communicate with them directly without having the attorney of your spouse present.
  • You can state your fears and direct them where they may need to pay more attention to while adding or removing tasks from them as events unfold.

You should not mistake them for mercenaries or hired guns. But they might see things from your point of view without having to let bias cloud their judgment.

On the other hand, court-appointed experts are not hired by you, so they are obligated to send their findings straight to the court. They cannot just do whatever you ask, but they also have advantages;

  • They are cost-effective as the pay is usually split.
  • They provide numbers and conclusions that are typically not based on bias, making their reports more balanced.

What are Those Things One Should Look Out for When Hiring a Forensic Accountant for Divorce?

These types of experts may have their different disadvantages, and they are best suited for some cases more than others.


If you are choosing an expert, it should be based on their level of experience. They should be suited for your case, and they should have handled similar cases in the past. It is usually advisable to opt for those who specialize in just this niche instead of going for someone who does many other things.


Life would go on after the divorce case is settled, and you would not want to spend all your money and be left with nothing after that. As you may well know, not all experts are priced the same. Also, you would not want to settle for less because you are trying to save some money. 

In this niche, you mostly get what you pay for, so you might want to find the balance between quality and cost. Before paying, you need to confirm what exactly you are paying for, and if it is worth it, nothing should stop you from paying. Just like in any business, you should always value quality over quantity.


Looking out for the proper credentials is one of the moves you need to make while searching for the most advanced forensic accountants. The opinion of experts in the field will be regarded more than that of someone with less credibility. 

Qualifications, education, and training are simple ways to measure the credibility of these experts. If possible, go for those who are members of relevant professional bodies.

Court Appearance

If one is a competent forensic accountant, they should be more than capable of providing evidence in court. The provision of evidence can come in different forms like oral speech, written speech, and all-around countenance. 

If they already have experience being on the witness stand, the better. However, you should bear in mind that not all of these experts feel comfortable in front of the jury. So keep your mind open when it comes to that.

Personal Relationship Skills

An expert's personal skills should be a factor when choosing them. In plain terms, choose who you would feel more comfortable working with. In ideal situations, the person should be approachable, communicative, and tactful. When you are going through tough times, it will help to have someone you can trust by your side.

Final Note

In conclusion, you need to understand that even though forensic accountants are not attorneys, they can help you win legal suits whenever you get on the stand. 

While you are working with a forensic accountant, you should also get yourself a reasonable divorce attorney to work side by side. If you must hire a forensic expert for your divorce case, make sure you are hiring the best, be it in Los Angeles or any other part of the world.

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