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Finding the Best Car Insurance Deal for a Student

The past few years has not been very fair on students and their families. Student maintenance loans have been decreased while student fees have increased. The cost of living has risen across the board and jobs are scarce. Not only that, but EU legislation has seen to it that the cost of car insurance has risen for women in particular and for young people in general. It seems as though it’s never been more financially difficult to be a student.

Easing the Burden

Because of the financial struggles most students are now finding themselves in, it’s more important than ever that students and their families have access to some great financial solutions which will help to lighten the load a little. For many young people, car insurance often features highly on their list of financial worries. Some people might argue that running a car is a luxury, but for many students it’s a basic necessity that they simply cannot do without.

Finding the Right Insurance Company

So many people these days are looking for better deals on car insurance that insurance companies have really had to sit up and pay attention if they intend to keep their customers happy. Insurance for young people and students is a particularly big issue at the moment, so the companies which pay the most attention to their customers’ needs have tended to focus on offering great deals for these particular groups.

Finding the right insurance company is a matter of finding one which really understands what a student will require of their policy. AXA Insurance sum it up perfectly when they say that youth can be both a blessing and a curse, because policies for young people tend to be a lot more expensive than others.

The Essential Checklist

To get the very best car insurance it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. As a student, and if you are also a young person, there will be some very specific terms items that will benefit you financially if you can find them. Use this checklist and you’ll find that you get the best insurance deal possible:

  • Always ask if there’s a specific policy available for students
  • Find out if having another named driver on your policy could potentially lower your premium
  • Search out ‘black box’ deals
  • Fit a security device to your car
  • Consider paying a higher excess
  • Drive safely and retain your no-claims cover
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