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Benefits of Online Mediation for Business People

Mediation is one of the ways of resolving a dispute between two parties. Now, traditionally it has been carried out with in-person meetings at mutually agreed-upon locations and terms but lately, online mediation has found its way into the system. Online mediation doesn’t require the involved parties and as well as the mediator to travel to some location and resolve disputes; rather it can be done in the comfort of their respective homes with the help of online video conferencing applications such as Zoom or Google Meet. Online mediation is gaining popularity because of the many benefits it has to offer and also because of the present global pandemic, it has further cemented its importance. The following are some of the advantages associated with online mediation.

Reduced Travel

One of the most appreciated benefits of online mediation is the fact that it doesn’t require travel. The only thing that is needed is a smartphone or laptop or any other computing device and an internet connection. The traditional in-person way of mediation costs a lot to the parties involved such as taking a day or a week entirely for the meeting and traveling to places, etc. Online mediation saves all that extra effort.

New options and accessibility

With online mediation, people from different corners of the world can access the service without compromising their commitment and capital. Given the possibility of accessing service from the remotest corners, new options and opportunities have been unlocked for both clients and mediators.

Total control over the meeting

Online mediation uses video conferencing applications such as Zoom call for resolving disputes between parties. One of the features of such an application is that it allows the mediator full control over the proceeding of the meeting, the mediator can mute certain people or isolate them, or cut them off entirely if things get heated. It also lets the mediator keep an eye on all the members in the meeting without losing on the person in conversation.

Save money & time

Expanding from the first point, because there is no travel involved, both parties and mediators can save on gas and other travel expenses such as accommodation. It is not only money that one is saving from reduced traveling but also time. One doesn’t have to take a day off or give an entire week in reaching the location and carry with the proceedings.

Increased productivity

Online mediation as mentioned in the previous paragraph saves both money and time for the involved parties and the mediator. The time and money that is saved in such instances can be invested in other significant activities unrelated to the mediation which is a big advantage in itself as it saves them days and weeks of time and expenses.

Comfort is at the center of online mediation but the reduced travel time that saves both capital and time, new opportunities and accessibility, more control over the meeting, and comfort are some of the most important benefits associated with online mediation.

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