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Benefits of completing an ACCA accreditation

Many accountants can be forgiven for thinking that the extra effort to completing the ACCA accreditation is just too much after years and years of study.

However, by gaining the extra qualification students are presented with extra opportunities for future development. Below are some benefits which getting the extra qualification can have.

Intrinsic learning

The accreditation goes into more detail on areas that will affect working life. At university, the degree will cover a broad spectrum of elements to ensure students are ready for a variety of possibilities. The ACCA course focuses on management decision-making and financial reporting and strategies.

This provides a more career centric focus which will please prospective employers.

Worldwide reputation

The ACCA course is acknowledged in over 140 countries with organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank recognising it as an important qualification. Many financial organisations understand the hard work and importance of the ACCA and will appreciate the effort made by a potential employer. Globally, ACCA are recognised as the front runners in the field and are in demand for their knowledge and skills.

Job opportunities

The competition for employment is extremely high. With more and more people gaining degree qualification it is no longer a stand out achievement to attract employers. Through gaining an ACCA qualification, it showcases further understanding of the accountancy field.

With worldwide reputation, employers will be impressed.


As the ACCA is acknowledged throughout the world, it creates a whole wealth of opportunities for those with its qualification behind their name. It allows for less restriction in choosing the city, country or even continent you want to work in and shows skill and knowledge in accounting regardless of location. This type of career freedom is an exciting bonus to the course.


There is a variety of course options to choose from and flexible entry requirements. Whether you study online, in the classroom or both, the course can fit around a tight schedule.

Many people on the course will already be working in accounting and the flexible nature of the study means they’re able to boost their qualifications without interfering with their work schedules.

Overall it is cost effective

By completing the course, all the benefits that have been listed above will be yours. They provide a wealth of opportunities for newly accredited ACCA members which ensures years of future possibilities and makes it incredible value for money.

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