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5 Services Your Business Should Outsource

A growing business can be a blessing and a curse. At the same time, you’re seeing your income grow, but with it your workload and perhaps levels of anxiety. More work means more deadlines, after all. The solution? Outsourcing.

Not only does outsourcing save you time and mental energy, but it can even save you some money!

Here are our top 5 things to outsource if you want to make your life easier! Starting from the bottom of the list to help you prioritise.

5. IT services

Most people nowadays can handle the basics of IT, but if you’re burning the candle at both ends, then getting an IT specialist to handle some of the work for you can make a huge difference. Besides, the learning curve is often too big to really be worth your time. Think about outsourcing things like managing your web site, performing backups, setting up cybersecurity, and so on.

4. Marketing

There are many dedicated specialist firms out there who can help you out with marketing (traditional or digital). If you’re focused on growing your business, marketing will most certainly be one thing you’ll have to address, especially in the initial phases of your business’ growth. These services might include social media management, online marketing, and might even overlap with IT if you get into the effects of web design on marketing efforts. So save your time and money and let the experts get the best results for you!

3. Bookkeeping and Finances

Perhaps the things that most business owners dread the most. Need we say more? Finding an expert to administer your payroll, for example, can save you the hassle and will probably decrease cost, help you avoid penalties, and increase tax compliance. You can find automated software, an online service, or an actual accountant to do the work for you.

2. Human Resources

As your team grows, so does the amount of time HR takes up. Hiring, firing, making payments, etc. all need to be handled properly and delicately. They take time and energy - which you might not have. So hiring HR specialists such as recruiters or payroll companies, and even solicitors specialising in employment law will pay off in the end. Speaking of lawyers…

1. Legal Services

As a business, you’ll need a lawyer at some point or other. Look for legal firms with experience in Commercial Law, such as our personal recommendation – Optimal Solicitors. Legal services are typically the first thing that businesses outsource because, let’s be honest, if we try and read and piece of dense legal text we either (a) misunderstand it (which can have dire consequences) or (b) don’t understand the jumble of words on the page. A solid legal firm will help you handle any disputes you might have, give you sound business advice, draft agreements, handle customer disputes, etc. Having an in-house lawyer can be expensive, so having a lawyer on retainer is generally a much more profitable option.

The point being, choose your battles carefully and learn to use your strengths. If law, marketing, or IT, for example, isn’t your forte, then it’s better to outsource. Focus your energy and attention on growing your business instead!

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